Clixsense Review on How To Earn Money From Clixsense – When we start to make money online, The biggest challenge in front of us to make a selection of Right platform. As there are many ways to earn money online like Blogging, Affiliate marketing, Earn money with Youtube or using PTC Sites.

If you go with PTC Sites then you have the challenge to find best and legit PTC sites which will really pay for your hard work. Using PTC Sites you will not get rich overnight, So don’t think about getting rich overnight. PTC Sites takes some time to be settled and once you settled with the good numbers of referrals then you will able to earn good monthly income.

There are only some legit PTC Sites which really pays to their users. One of the best PTC sites is Clixsense which really pays you for your hard work. Most of the visitors ask me that how to earn money from Clixsense.So today I decided to make a tutorial on how to use Clixsense to earn money.

So if you are looking for ways to make money online, you need to add this way on your list as one of the options because it takes not more than 5-10 minutes of your daily time.

Steps On How To Earn Money From Clixsense:

Firstly, you need to sign up for Clixsense from this link. Fill all details here and sign up for your account. Once you sign up you will receive a verification link from Clixsense to your email. You have to click on that link to verify your account on Clixsense.

Once you successfully verify your account, then login to your Clixsense account and there Clixsense will ask you to fill some details like your address, Secret question, and payment option.

Payment option is one the most important option and you have to fill it correctly. There are 4 methods by which you will get payment from Clixsense and these are Payoneer, Skrill, Payza, Tango Card. The best way to get Payment is Payoneer.

You can easily make an account on Payoneer and enter your email in Clixsense To Get Payment.Once you fill all details click on update account and then you will be redirected to Clixsense Dashboard.

Now you are ready to earn money from Clixsense. There are many different ways and methods to earn money on Clixsense. So let’s discuss those different ways by using which you can earn money from Clixsense.

Different Ways To Earn Money From Clixsense:

1. Earn Money From Clixsense By Viewing Ads

As you all knows that Clixsense is a PTC Sites means Pay To Click sites. In Clixsense you will get paid for clicks on ads. Daily you will get a number of ads to click on that. You will paid when you click and view all that ads.

Earn Money by click on ads

As you can see in above pictures that there are a number of ads available. You can also see the duration of ads and the amount you will get from that ads. See the ads for 5 sec and you will get 0.001$ For that.

You will daily get more than 20 ads and some of the ads give different amount of money based on commission like some give 0.001 or some give 0.005$. You have to login daily to your account to view all these ads and get paid for that. It just takes 5 to 10 minutes to view all ads.

Tips To Multiply your Ads click earning:

  • Multiply your earning by referring your friends and family to Clixsense. You will also get money for each ad viewed by your referrals. The more refer you will have the money you will earn from Clixsense.
  • Buy Premium Membership in Clixsense. As premium membership will just boost your earning and give you double earning each day. Premium Membership will also double the income comes from your referrals.

To make people join under you, firstly you have to make them join using your refer link. To get your refer link login to your Clixsense account and click on your Username on the middle top of the page. Now you will see the second column of “My Affiliate Details” and there you will see “My Affiliate Link” just copy that link and share to your family and friends to make them join under you.

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#2. Earn Money From Clixsense By Completing Surveys

To earn money From Cuelinks by Completing Surveys, Firstly you have to click on Survey option and then click on Survey profile. There you have to fill your profile details for surveys and they will give you surveys based on your profile.

Earn Money from clixsense by completing surveys

You have to fill all details right like age, gender, marital status, Hobbies etc. They will give you different surveys from different companies based on your profile. Payment is according to the type of survey. Like you will get paid from 0.5$ to 1$ per survey. The surveys will be updated on daily basis.

3. Earn Money By Offers

You can also earn by offers section In Clixsense. There are different types of offers based on different profiles like downloading Some apps, Sign up for some websites or filling some forms and other similar offers.

To earn money from offers section, just login to your account and click on offers next to survey option and complete offers and earn money.

4. Earn Money From Clixsense By Completing Task:

The next way to earn money is by Completing the task in Clixsense. When you login to your account you will see the fourth option that is Task next to offers. Just click on it and there you will see various tasks powered by Crowdflower.

In this Tasks, you just have to perform mini jobs or tasks and you will get paid on per tasks according to their reward value.

5. Earn Money By ClixGrid Game:

This game is totally based on luck and it will pay you much higher than any other offers and tasks. To participate in this game you have to click on the Clixgrid option which is the fifth option on the Top menu next to Tasks.

Once you click on Clixgrid an image will appear on the screen. It’s a grid image and to play this game you just have to click anywhere on the image and whenever you will click on the image a new advertise window will open and you have to wait there for 10 sec and after 10 sec they will tell you that you are a winner or not.

In this way, you will get 30 chance per day to play this game and if you are lucky and you win in this game then you will get 10$ instantly to your Clixsense account.

Although it’s a low earning concept but ClixSense is one of the most trusted websites on the internet. You can increase your earnings by

  • regularly checking your account,
  • viewing all ads, completing all tasks and offers,
  • referring more & more people through your affiliate link
  • And taking a premium membership that at present cost just $17.

So Join Clixsense Now and start earning money in your free time or as part time.

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