Best Google Adsense Alternatives – Whenever we think of making money online by a blog. Adsense is the most legal, trusted and best way to monetize your blog. As you all know that getting Google Adsense approval is not an easy task, especially for those who are working on Blogspot. Am not saying that it’s impossible, If you follow Google Adsense policies then you can get Adsense approval in short period of time.

The real problem is not getting Adsense approval, the problem comes when Adsense Disabled your Adsense account for violating policies or for Invalid activity. Some people think that after Adsense Bans, It’s the end of their Blogging career. Let me tell you that there is no end to making money online. If Adsense bans you then try some other best Google Adsense Alternatives.


Below am going to give you details about some of the Best Google Adsense Alternatives for bloggers. As these alternatives are not better than Adsense because Adsense is the most legit and best way to Monetize your blog.

These alternatives are good for those Bloggers who are not able to get Google Adsense Approval or their account is banned by Google. Let’s talk about some of the best Google Adsense Alternatives To earn money by display ads on a blog or website.

List Of Best Google Adsense Alternatives:-

#1. Infolinks


Infolinks is one of the highly recommended Adsense alternatives which was founded in 2007 in Palo Alto California. It’s not better than Adsense but one of the Google Adsense Alternatives.

It basically offers in-text ads which are not similar to Adsense but if you have good traffic, then you can earn good amount of amount. You can also try to use other ads Network along with Infolinks to increase your revenue.

Their minimum payment Threshold is 50$ and 100$ and it’s really easy to sign up on this Network.

Payments: – Minimum payout threshold is $50 for PayPal, eCheck, ACH and Payoneer. The 100$ Minimum threshold requirement for Bank Wire Transfer.

Apply For Infolinks from Here

#2. Revenue Hits


RevenueHits, it’s totally different from other advertising networks problem as it’s based on performance. One of the best CPA Network. If you don’t know about CPA then let me tell you that CPA is Cost Per Action. It pays around 20-30$ in eCPM (effective cost per mille). It will really help you to make a good money out of ads on your blog.

Revenue Hits only shows ads according to the interest of publisher and while using this advertisement network your niche of the website does not matter. You can earn more money each month by refer and earn program. Refer your blogger friends to RevenueHits and earn extra money.

Payments: – Minimum payout threshold is $50 for  Paypal, Payoneer & Wire Transfer. The money will be credited to your account within 30 days of the request.

Apply For Revenue Hits From Here

#3. Chitika


There are too many similarities between Adsense and Chitika. As Chitika is a CPC (Cost Per Click) program. You don’t have to worry about Chitika ads because it always delivered relevant ads totally based on your niche and content.

The best part about Chitika Ads is that you can customize ads text and borders according to your Blog color and content. It also helps you to get more clicks on ads and result in earning more money from your Blog. Chitika Also offers to refer and earn program to earn extra 10% every month from your referrals.

Payments: – Chitika offers really low Minimum payout threshold. You just need 10$ to get payment in your Paypal account. It offers payment only through Paypal which is really easy and fast.

Apply For Chitika From Here

#4. AdsOptimal


AdsOptimal pay by a performance of your traffic source. They rotate different mobile offers based on traffic’s country, device type, and platform. Offers could be pay-per-impression, click or conversion. Their solution automatically chooses the one that performs better in order to maximize your RPM (aka. average dollars per serving).

With AdsOptimal you don’t need to worry about that as the ads they show is of high quality & if you have a blog with good traffic, you would end up minting great money from your blog.

Payments: – They pay in US dollars currency. You can request a payout whenever you reach $50 minimum balance.Payment By Paypal And Check

Apply For AdsOptimal From Here

#5. Adversal


Adversal is one of the best and my favorite Adsense Alternatives. Getting approved for Adversal is no easy as you need minimum 50000 monthly views to apply for Adversal.

For startup bloggers who don’t have 50000 views per month is not easy to sign up for Adversal. Firstly they need to get that much of traffic to get approval. This Adsense alternative is really a great CPM Network as its CPM rates are determined on bounce rate, Type of your content and country of your traffic coming from and the amount that advertiser pays for your niche.

Below are the list of ads style by Adversal:

  • Banner
  • Leaderboard
  • Medium Rectangle
  • Ministerial
  • Pop-under
  • Skyscraper
  • Wide Skyscraper

The best part about this Adsense alternative is that they use a special type of code that helps you to show your ads on ads blocked browser. That’s why it’s more useful to earn more money.

Payments: – Adversal Payment is based on a NET35 basis. Minimum payment threshold is  $20 to get payment in form of PayPal, ACH, Check, or Wire Transfer.

Apply for Adversal From Here

#6. is mostly used along with Adsense or as an Adsense Alternative. It’s totally same like Adsense in Term of Ads.

As you all know that there are Three main search engines that are Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Adsense Is An Advertising Network By Google in such a way Media.Net is the best Google Adsense alternative By Yahoo and Bing.

In above line, I say that same like Adsense means it also offers Contextual Ads means ads will be according to your niche and content. They also offer high paying ads like Adsense High CPC Ads. If you want approval then you need a quality blog, So make your blog ready before applying for

Payments: – Minimum payment threshold is 100$ for payment through PayPal and wire transfer.

Apply For Media.Net From Here

#7. Viglink


Viglink is totally different from all other Best Adsense Alternatives, other alternatives are based on CPC, RPM or some are eCPM but In Viglink you can earn money by Making an affiliate sale means when someone clicks on a link created by Viglink and buys some product online then you will get Affiliate money.

It’s totally like doing Affiliate marketing and this Alternative is Fit for eCommerce website or a website writing review on Products. While using Viglink you don’t have to place ads or something else.

Once you setup Viglink it will automatically start working and starts converting your words into affiliate links.

The Viglink concept is quite different from all of the alternatives mentioned above because with Viglink you earn money by making an affiliate sale. All links created by Viglinks are SEO Friendly so don’t need to worry about SEO.

Apply For Viglinks From Here

Friends These Are All Best Google Adsense Alternatives. I am continually updating this list of Adsense Alternatives. So Bookmark this page for other best Alternatives. If You Know Any Other Best Google Adsense Alternatives So Please Comment Below To Help Others.





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