Best Free Web Hosting Providers For Beginners to Learn WordPress


If you are a new blogger and you don’t know much about WordPress then don’t worry I will guide you about Best Free Web Hosting Providers For Beginners. It’s really a great choice for beginners to start with Free WordPress hosting providers to learn about WordPress and after that Move on to Premium Hosting services. So let’s start and talk about some of the best free Web hosting providers for Beginners.


List Of Best Free Web Hosting Providers


While using this hosting provider, You can enable your website to be online within few minutes of time. It also provides some basic .co .nf subdomain with hosting. Below are following features provided by this company.

  1. 1000 MB Disc Space
  2. 5 GB / 5000 MB Data Transfer / month
  3. FREE Domains at { }
  4. FREE Host One Domain Name
  5. PHP 4, PHP 5 hosting, CGI/Perl support,3200+ Perl Modules
  6. 10 MB MySQL Database storage (per each database)
  7. WordPress Blog Builder, Joomla Blog Builder



It’s also one of the best free web hosting provider with great features. The web hosting provided by this company is totally ad-free load balanced along with PHP, MySQL, and other technical support are also available. Below is a list of features provided by this hosting provider.

  1. 1000 MB Disc Space
  2. 50 GB Monthly Transfer 
  3. 5 addon domains
  4. Free FTP software
  5. 5 parked domains,10 MB Maximum File Size
  6. 5 MySQL,5 Email Addresses
  7. Free 24/7 Support
  8. Unmetered MySQL space



One of the free hosting provider for a long time since 2004 they are providing many services and other kinds of stuff at Zero cost. Features of this provider are listed below.

  1. 1 click WordPress install
  2. It has the latest version of Cpanel.
  3. Private Cloud hosting.
  4. Advanced versions of MySQL and PHP.
  5. There are never any forced ads.
  6. Provides good customer support.



WHDMS.Com is one the best and my favorite free WordPress hosting provider. The best part of this hosting is that it provides you the facility to use your own domain that you had already purchased from some other site.Here are some of the features provided by WHDMS hosting providers.

  1. 100gb bandwidth per month.
  2. Up to 1 GB Server space.
  3. Free Webmail included. You can create up to 5 Free Email accounts.
  4. You can create up to 5 MySQL Accounts.
  5. 5 Free FTP Accounts
  6. 1 click WordPress install

{ Note – These Best Free Web Hosting Providers are only for those who want to learn About WordPress. I personally recommend you to never host any professional blog on free Hosting providers. Better to buy a premium WordPress host with High Storage and No Limitations To run your site smoothly and safely.}

Disadvantages Of Using Free Web Hosting Providers:

#1. Limited Bandwidth And Speed

The main problem with using Free web hosting provider is that they will provide limited Bandwidth and speed. If you don’t know what is Bandwidth then let me tell you that bandwidth can be seen with the number of visitors that are allowed on your website at a time. If the number of visitors exceeds the limit of Bandwidth then it results in Website down for some time. So that’s the biggest problem you have to face while using free hosting.

#2. Customer Support

Another issue with free hosting is that there is no customer support service. If you are a beginner and don’t know about WordPress hosting setup then don’t go with free hosting try to buy a premium hosting with 24/7 best customer support which will help you on each and every step in website setup.

#3. No Backup Available

As you all know that backup is really important for everything. If you are running a website then Backup is really needed as it will help you to get your site back if anything happens wrong with it. But in free hosting, they will not allow you to backup your website and it will be really a big issue.

#4. Account Suspend

There is no security about these hosting as many times the websites hosted on these hosting may be got hacked by the hackers and the website company will also suspend your hosting account without any prior notice and without any reason. So if it will happen, then you will never get your site back.

Last Words According To My Suggestion

At last, I just say that if there are merits about free web hosting providers then there are also demerits. If you are new in the world of Blogging any want to learn WordPress before Buying a premium hosting then it will be really a great offer for you to try WordPress for free and learn about its features. On the other side if you want to be a professional blogger and want to make a website or blog for your company or business then I recommend you to go only with premium hosting as per your requirements.



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