If you’re reading this article, then am sure that you want to start a website and want to earn money from Ads, It may be Google Adsense Ads or some other ads. All bloggers want to know some of the best AdSense optimized WordPress themes. As most of the bloggers face the problem to find the right place to put ads so that they will have good Click Through Rate from that.


I will recommend all to use One of the best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes. By using these theme it will be easier for you to put ads in your likely place as all these themes are Adsense optimized. As you are lucky because there are many good themes which are Best Adsense optimized WordPress Themes.

As these WordPress themes are specially designed for Adsense To get a good CTR Without any hard work. These themes are created in that way in which high paying Ads are all about the content which will help you for good CTR And high income.

Best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes For higher Revenue:

#1. Newspaper Theme


As on my preference list of Adsense optimized themes, Newspaper is in 1st place as I personally used and like this theme so much.The newspaper is specially designed to generate a good revenue for its owner. Recently latest version of this theme is launched which is “Newspaper 7” with this new update they introduce a new “Mobile Theme” plugin which will come along with WordPress theme. By using this plugin your website load even faster on small screen devices.

There is a Built-in feature of Newspaper Theme which you automatically optimize your entire website to give an amazing and customized view to your visitors. By using “Mobile Theme” Plugin or newspaper you will be also to bring 7 customized ads even on Small screen devices like Smartphone or Tablets. As all these features make Newspaper as one of the best themes for Adsense.

Price – $59

Download Here

#2. TruePixel Theme


True Pixel theme is really a great choice for other best Adsense Optimized Themes. TruePixel Is Optimized For Adsense, so you’ll see higher CPC, CTR And RPM it means every time more money in your pocket and because of its great design its an excellent choice for a blogger who wants to create website for Entertainment, Magazine, News etc

The true pixel theme is fully responsive and works perfectly on mobile devices by automatically optimizing itself for the best user experience. It will make your website much better by speed up your load time. The site, of course, is responsive and Adsense optimized as well as SEO optimized and every other kind of optimization you can think of. In short, it is optimal.

Price – $59

Download Here 

#3. ProStore theme


ProStore features a clean and minimal design that is ideal for those with lots of great content and strong images to accompany it.

These highlights include a powerful admin panel with lots of customization options, a range of shortcodes for inserting page elements into your content to create an unlimited number of sidebars.

Price – $49

Download Here

#4. DizzyMag Theme


DizzyMag is Also one of the best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes. The best thing about this theme is that it can be used for many different websites niche. This theme can optimize your website in such a niche style that you will get a high number of CTR in Adsense.

DizzyMag is a versatile theme with options to generate revenue through a variety of income streams, including WooCommerce and AdSense. This theme is also Seo Optimized and will help you to get lots of organic visitors.

Price – $59

Download Here

#5. Flick theme


The flick is a theme created especially for those bloggers who have content such as image, graphic, photographs and other types of media. This theme is best fit for Journalists who have a blog on such content.

According to the user’s Review, Flick comes with a great Seo optimization techniques. Best fit for both mobile and PC users as its fully responsive to a clean and attractive design.

Price – $59

Download Here

#6. Truemag: AD & AdSense Optimized Magazine


TrueMag is a WordPress theme for Videos and Magazine as it comes with an inbuilt video ads plugin. One of the best choices for those bloggers who have content like Video portfolio as this theme contains a powerful options panel that allows customizing the theme as you want.

This theme can also be a great choice for magazine blog. It comes with various slider styles with a lot of demons which help to customize the website in various attractive styles. Websites based on video content can use this magazine theme for better results.

Price – $59

Download Here

#7. Magazine


I like this Magazine theme too much as it comes with a great responsive and fast page loading techniques by using this theme your website load time will be very less as it designed to get fast loading speed and along with speed your website will also generate a good Income as it helps you to get good CTR From your ads.

This theme fits best for all types of visitors even they are using a mobile device or a PC/Laptop. Magazine theme contains 4 Unique Homepage Layout and 2 Beautiful slider option. You can customize your website in a way that it will appear attractive to all of our visitors.

Price – $59

Download Here

#8. Pinstagram Theme


This theme is too much similar to Pinterest. You can use this theme if you want your Blog to look like Pinterest with a great eye catchy layout and with different ads layout for better CTR.

The best part of this theme is that you can use its widget to translate your content into various languages. So this feature is very important for that visitors who don’t understand your article language. By using theme option they can able to translate to that language that is easy for them to read.

Price – $59

Download Here

You can use these Best Adsense Optimized WordPress Themes To Increase Your CTR. If You Know Any Other Theme So Comment Below To Help Others





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